Volunteering During School Holidays

School holidays – free time and also a great opportunity. Free time to relax and do what one has been missing during school days, and a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. Holidays when spent wisely, can boost confidence and make one more knowledgeable by the end of it. One of the many opportunities to grab during holidays is volunteering.

Volunteering for a cause builds confidence and develops many skills. It takes students out of their comfort zone, challenges them, allows them to explore and experience real life. This experience and skills help youngsters to deal with the real world better once they are out of school/college. Being a volunteer one gets to meet people from a different education background, different cultural background, people with different capabilities and different interest who come together for a common cause. They learn from each other by sharing knowledge and experience. Meeting real people and working on the real issues at the ground level shapes a well-rounded future. Volunteering opens up opportunities to make new friends, travel to new places, learn about a culture and develop skills. On the other side, it teaches some valuable life lessons too. Being sensitive and empathetic towards others is one such lesson. It highlights what is important in life and that even a small thing makes a big difference. No matter how much time or effort you use for volunteering the outcome is always massive.  Volunteering teaches that for a flourishing society, for a better environment and a better quality of life the most important aspect is being humane, compassionate and empathetic towards others. It’s a wonderful way to enhance skills at the same time give back to society. The satisfaction of helping others and improved mental health are other reasons why one should go for volunteering. It also gives time to socialise with people one wouldn’t have met otherwise and develop interpersonal and communication skills.

There are many organisations that need volunteers to support them to make the world a better place. Here are a few causes one can volunteer for:

- Educating underprivileged children

- Spending time at old age homes and orphanages

- Conserving forests

- Conserving wildlife

- Helping set up a neighbourhood library

- Writing exams for visually impaired students

- Taking care of animals in pet shelters

- Helping children with special needs

- Raise awareness for blood donation, organ donation, road safety, waste segregation etc.

It’s a daunting task to choose from various career options if one doesn’t have the first-hand experience. Having a successful career depends on how well one is prepared to pursue their career. Most of the volunteering opportunities help to make this task of preparing for a career and an independent life easy. Volunteering teaches time management, gives a purpose and improves general well-being. Although, being a volunteer doesn’t reward monetarily but one gets rewarded when they see the change they bring in someone’s life and in the environment we live through their actions. Being a volunteer, there is always more to earn than you can give. Volunteers earn happy smiles from children, blessings from elders, and overall a better understanding of things around them.

Time is precious, one who knows to manage it well leads a successful life. So this holiday, step out of your comfort zone, choose a cause and volunteer.


About the Blogger:
This blog is submitted by Lakshmi Kolnaty, who is a communication professional and a freelance blogger. She has a special interest in education sector. She made a significant contribution in this sector working with schools in India. Currently, she is a School Governor in UK. She loves art, travel, world culture, meeting interesting people, food and nature.