Score High In Exams With Schooglink - One Hour Daily

We’ve all been there. The entire year of studying may at times be not fulfilling as the last few months of cramming do. There are multiple things to cover in the vast syllabus and as a student who is on their own, it seems like an unending task. In other news, if you have exams in a couple of months, you won’t find sense in grabbing the notes and consuming the facts. The serious procrastination while studying is another culprit to blame. Also, there could be issues in remembering so much.


Students find themselves stuck in a lot of scenarios during their stride of studying. What if they could pre-plan it sustainably from the very starting to avoid any last-minute haphazard. Schooglink has come up with a refined, systematic study set for students with just one hour of everyday study. Yes, 1 hour every day and it takes care of your complete syllabus. It is conducive to immense knowledge transfer that takes you to deep learning rather than skimming through it. 

Exam stress


Well, we know one hour is not a whole lot of time to study. But that’s what you call smart learning, my friend! Schooglink smart e-learning solution ensures that the everyday routine of an hour study delivers the key content of your syllabus, preparing you each day for the target.


How we do it?


Live tutorials 


The landscape of video tutoring is going wide and vivid. It lends an opportunity for students to experience classroom setting at the comfort of their home with no commuting to attend the classes. Saving time and energy, live tutoring with Schooglink has been designed in such a way that one hour study daily can exponentially benefit students in getting done with their syllabus over time. Also, the recorded sessions aids in finding apt solutions for the queries. Revisiting video lectures provides ample help and it has been tested.

Live tutorials in edtech

Innovative learning with extra fun

Unlike regular classroom learning, Schooglink video tutorials infuse innovative methodologies. With a vision to make learning more interactive and engaging, it allows students to hone their skillsets with a difference, let alone diminishing their interest during the entire tutorial. The complete model has been designed to seamlessly deliver fun into the education process. 

Innovative education model


Expertly crafted Study materials 


Schooglink’s team has worked relentlessly curating an outstanding study material and notes. The detailed notes ensure that students focus on the class and make the most of their time consuming whatever been taught. Smart solutions of their questionnaire at their hands and a pool of notes further help in strengthening their confidence in any subject. Empowering smart learning solutions like these keep students equipped in the entire process. This also enables them to prepare for various exams with in-depth information present in one place.

Study materials for exam prep


Assignments to gauge performance 


The mindfully crafted education model lays stress on analyzing the learning by curating quizzes, practice tests and more. It is such a crucial step in the journey where timely tests help students to analyze their mistakes and improvise wherever needed. The wide range of material tests them efficiently for exams and keep them ahead of the race.

Exam preparation for good marks


Schooglink has come up with this all-new education model to enhance the dynamic of students learning process wherein they are not subjected to any obstacle. Not just that, it fits in their routine smoothly just like any tuition or classroom coaching does, making way for a lucid approach. With students progress tracking, expertly crafted test papers and a pile of study materials to grasp, all you need is one hour daily to see a remarkably high score in the exams. It is a pathway for improvement and makes you better and better at it.