Schooglink Scholarship - Unlocking The Potential Of Underprivileged Students

Padhenge toh aage badhenge 


If you have a glimpse of what actually the life of a rural student looks like, mind you, it is definitely pumped with struggles, no basic amenities, needs are always compromised and above all, education is limited. Talking about fancy smart learning, well it is second to none. The rural students are still not exposed to what we call the basic “screen time” for learning.


Edtech today is touching new heights! It is doing everything possible with its astute strategy to teach a pool of students across all geographical locations in an effective way. However, often rural belt gets wiped off, with no access to the “wonders of technology”. Laptops, smartphones, tablets are not an easy catch for them? So, how does edtech cater to them?


This is when Schooglink Grassroot centres were established to teach them with a blend of classroom learning and technological innovation. Trust me, it has surely touched a few lives and anticipating to change many! In its initiative of educating students from the rural landscape comes the idea of offering financial assistance to the underprivileged students. A sum of INR 10,000 to students from Schooglink Grassroots centres could be a dream come true, both for the parents and the students. The idea of education is not alien to their parents, but often they end up not being able to provide it to their children. The nuances of their struggles and basic survival often put a child future in darkness.

Rural students of India


In association with Manoj and Tripty Gandhi Family, the scholarship is an endeavor to encourage and support minority and less privileged students in order to realize their dreams of education. Girls who are often the victim of gender disparity shall be given preference. Financial aid of INR 10,000 may not be a big chunk for urban masses, but for underprivilegedd, it is life-changing. It can bring out the best from the brilliant students who time and again give up on their talent with the agony of the financial burden of the family. 


Three key pointers 


1. Selection is based on the academic results of Class IX to XII.


2. The meritorious students will be then further tested with a prompt essay writing session in 200-500 words describing their passion, skills and a lot about themselves. 


3. Top 5 students will be selected from Grassroots centre including top meritorious student, two from minority and 2 girls students.


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Scholarship details


It is an exciting opportunity to let them hone their skillsets and come out winning the scholarship. Talking about the campaign CEO, Himanshu Agarwal says “steps like this will take us closer to multiple inspiring stories. Every real winner has his/her own story. From the past couple of years, we’ve seen many households, many students and their bit of struggles to actually get what they want. This should be empowering for them to achieve at least a few and what better than education?” 


The scholarship program will be supported at all Schooglink grassroots centres and we would appreciate if the words could reach many. As little steps like this can only make a difference we all yearn for!