General Obstacles And Concerns Of Students Before Exams — Answered By Our Experts

Let’s face it, Exams are not an easy ride but more so, the exam fear is unnecessary HYPED.


Exams are a whirlwind of emotional trauma, mental distress and anxiety apart from the extensive curriculum that one needs to soak in. All over the world, students come up facing a pool of issues and somewhere put themselves in a dark corner. But this is not how it should be. Exams are an assessment of your entire year’s relentless study. Make it a big thing, but don’t overpower it on your being.

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The range of hurdles in their path of active studying marks a sign of danger and may demotivate or depress them. 


Everything can be conquered with the right attitude and hence we at Schooglink asked our experts on the general obstacles and concerns students face during exams and how to deal with it.

1. Extensive Curriculum 

- Yes, the curriculum is vast, and there is a lot to study. But here, you need to take tiny steps from the very starting. Simplify your learning style and segment your curriculum in small chunks. If you’re late in adhering to that, relax and whatever time you have, set a target to days and the syllabus left to accomplish. Do not thrive on last-minute cramming, instead set up a timetable for your studies. That way, no matter how extensive the syllabus is, you will be able to reach the finish line. 


2. Low Motivation 


Expert — This is certainly the most asked question, and it generally harbingers before exams. While if you are not geared up inside, it reflects directly on the big day. The key is to find out the reasons that demotivate you. The reasons may not necessarily be the same for everyone, hence discover it. It could be tiredness and stress to do a lot, you don’t seem to enjoy the subject, your life is currently on a meltdown, you’re concerned too much about failure or simply you don’t like a teacher of the particular subject. Address the reasons and fight it.

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3. Feel distracted all the time

Expert —This is a realistic scenario and it happens with every student in this day and age. While there are numerous distracting elements in our surroundings, it’s on you not to get intimidated with them. The external stimuli like phones, friends, laptops, Netflix, social media is a culprit to blame. Try changing your environment to one that is conducive to studying. Revamp your workspace with elements that are less likely to distract you. Shut your phone and silence is guaranteed.


4. Unable to Concentrate


Expert — While you have dumped all the external distractions, concentration can still be an issue. It lowers down productivity as you are unable to garner focus. Identify the stumbling block and clear your mind with whatever is there. You can start afresh with an active mind, that way you can grasp more and trigger your productivity. Sometimes a fresh walk, listening to your favourite music or anything that rejuvenates your mind works. 


5. Remembering facts and figures 


Expert —This is another question asked time and again — how to store all the information that is needed to answer questions effectively? While to some point it is subjective, it is not wrong to say that remembering facts and figures come as a behemoth task. Strategize to build concepts and learn things properly. You may recollect it before the exam, but retain the necessary information as needed to perform better. Also, you may try seeking the assistance of memory aid group. 


6. Loss of appetite and sleepless nights 

Expert —Any stress and change in schedule impact appetite and sleep. If you are burning the midnight oil to study as much as you can, mind you, you need to sleep well to perform well. Sleep at least 6-8 hours to allow your brain to perform seamlessly. Also, consume a well-balanced, nutritious meal that fuels up your body. If insomnia strikes in and you have lost significant weight, don’t afraid to consult a healthcare provider. 

7. Coping with a subject you don’t like


Expert— Amidst a bunch of subjects, there is always one with which you struggle. Could be Math, Science, Social Science or any? Whether your marks were constantly low or you don’t ignite the zeal to study that subject, it can hamper your success in exams. Befriend with it rather running away. Change your mindset as it could be some unnecessary implications from your friends or your self-assessment is causing the problem. Aim for the bigger picture in life and not to dread these menial issues.


Set a positive attitude and run the race of glory!