Competition Is Your Friend For Preparation, Not An Enemy For Score

Are you also one of those who get jitters when you hear the word “competition”?

Competition is an outcome of how good or bad your preparation is? You should not be scared of it but try and make friends with the same. A healthy competition not only motivates you to prepare for the best but also helps you to understand your ranking and level of preparation for a particular subject and topic.

Given an option to choose between preparing for the entire year and not giving a test or preparing and giving a test for just one month with blind eyes choose the latter.

Providing study material, giving solutions and notes surely has helped students throughout the nation prepare for the best during this tough time, but what is the measure to rank your preparation? It is a competition! this way you brush up your skills, read with a more focused mind and also try and retain the important concepts. Many proven theories say when a mind is put under pressure it outperforms itself.

Sarthak, a one-of-a-kind initiative by Schooglink is a competition that has helped thousands of students to accelerate their preparation while studying online. With the help of Sarthak, the students were able to assess their level of learning and identify their weak areas. It has also helped them to minimize the gap in studies due to the closure of schools.

The first round of Sarthak was held in July and with the help of live lectures and study materials available on the Curriculum App, the following students aced the first round:-

Anjana Ahirwar from Katni, Madhya Pradesh scored the following in English Grammar (20)    Science (20)    SST (20)    Total = 60/60    Percentage = 100%

Surbala Rani from Katihar, Bihar scored the following in Science (17)    Mathematics (20)    SST (20)    Total = 57/60    Percentage = 95%

Anish Kumar from Aurangabad, Bihar scored the following in Science (17)    Mathematics (18)    Hindi Grammar (20)    Total = 55/60    Percentage = 91.67%

During this pandemic active participation across the nation has proved that studies just require preparation and a good medium to guide the preparation. If you are also trying to score better and make the most of this time, read our tried and tested tips that can help you excel in any exam.

One of the best strategies to excel in any test or exam is to:

PLAN: Make sure to plan the time required to cover the syllabus, important topics and their weightage, also ensure that you have a thorough understanding of topics that will be asked in your exam and the types of questions that follow that exam pattern.

Once you have an outline of all of the above, it will become very easy for you to go to comprehend the next step.

Schooglink tip: At the end of each study session, make a list of what you need to cover the next time you study.

PREPARE: Now that you have a detailed plan in front of you, focus upon the preparation.

  • Divide the syllabus into bits and pieces.
  • Give time duration to each topic.
  • Identify your weak and strong concepts.
  • Your strength areas should have less preparation time compared to your weak areas.
  • Write, write and write to remember.
Schooglink tip: Study your weak concepts in the morning and strong concepts in the evening.

EXECUTE: This part of the preparation requires the most amount of dedication. Be prepared. Do a quick review of all the main topics after that go back to the topics that are more difficult and read those in more detail.

Make notes, underline the important terms, write important concepts and make their key abbreviations. Identify the shortcut methods of remembering the concepts, learn and repeat.

Schooglink tip: Read the entire syllabus first before starting your preparation.

MANAGE: Time management holds inevitable importance in the preparation of any exam. Manage it effectively, this does not mean studying for 22 hrs in a day but eventually distributing your study hours.

If you want you can create groups with people for discussing the concepts and information with each other. Adapt the learning way of making connections and relationships between facts and ideas.

Schooglink tip: Before each task, remind yourself of its specific purpose.

REVISE: A good technique for revision is to make summaries – make notes from each week in your own words. Summaries can be written in full sentences, as dot points in practice sheets, or even verbal. Make sure to write down everything – key points, important questions, areas for further study, any breakthroughs.

Schooglink tip: Don’t study hard but study smart.

It is absolutely fine to get nervous before an exam but don’t overstress. Be confident about your preparation and believe in your hard work. All the very best for your next exam. Always remember what Mahatma Gandhi once said, “The future depends on what you do today.”