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How Do We See 2020 Shaping The Edtech Industry?

The fastest-growing edtech industry is likely to grow massively and the edtech trends 2020 will reinvent this sector with some exciting techniques and measures. 

{{oldStories.Author}}Pooja Sharma

Volunteering During School Holidays

School holidays – free time and also a great opportunity. Free time to relax and do what one has been missing during school days, and a great opportunity to gain knowledge and experience. Holidays when spent wisely, can boost confidence and make one more knowledgeable by the end of it. One of the many opportunities to grab during holidays is volunteering.

{{oldStories.Author}}Lakshmi Kolnaty

The Two Sides Of Social Media And Our Kids

When parents are aware of the kind of people the child follows and the kind of things they share, it becomes easy to talk to their child about it, share their own values and offer support if needed.

{{oldStories.Author}}Lakshmi Kolnaty

Super 30 Movie - Maths Quiz

Here is some fun time! Can you solve all the questions asked in Super 30 movie released recently?

{{oldStories.Author}}Schooglink Expert