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General Obstacles And Concerns Of Students Before Exams — Answered By Our Experts

Exams are around the corner and it is the time students experience a myriad of doubts and distress. We have narrowed down general issues faced by the students and our experts at Schooglink willingly answered all.

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Schooglink Scholarship - Unlocking The Potential Of Underprivileged Students

Giving rural Indian students from underprivileged background the right to receive a quality education with Schooglink Scholarship program. Better future ahead with free Scholarship in India.

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Score High In Exams With Schooglink - One Hour Daily

Make a mark with just one hour of regular study with Schooglink's effectively-crafted education model and deliver your best performance during exams.


Bridging The Rural-urban Education Gap With Innovation

Indian ecosystem has always witnessed the gap between rural-urban education and it's high time to narrow it down. Schooglink has come up with a vision to educate the rural belt with the help of innovation and technology.

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