How To Relax In Between Exams And Results

Exams are over! And all of a sudden you have all the time in the world. Minus revision, there would be so many things to do – sleep, party, binge on Netflix, travel, catch-up with friends, all these and many more. It’s easy to slip into the cycle of exhaustion, tiredness, eating junk and sleeping at odd times, with a surge of desire to fill in the revision-free time with something you like. After the exams get over, in almost a week’s time, the enthusiasm will peter out and the mind gets busy thinking of the outcome of the exams. Thinking about the outcome will not change the outcome and whatever is the outcome; it’s not the end of the world. Use this time to rejuvenate yourself, destress your body and mind. Having fun and spending time with friends and family is one way to destress and on the other hand, eating healthy and getting sound sleep and getting some exercise will rejuvenate your mind.


The time between your last day of the exam and the result day is essentially the time you can use the most to rewind, relook at your goals, reflect on what went wrong during your exam preparation, and evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Whilst doing all this, channelizing all the positive thoughts towards you will keep you calm and motivated to slide through anything that comes your way.


Meditate for ten minutes each day. This is like taking a short break to sharpen your pencil; just like when you sharpen the pencil the handwriting becomes beautiful. Meditation will calm your mind and will lead to positive and creative thinking. Other benefits of meditation include a reduction in stress, increased focus and good sleep.


Eat well and exercise. Eat a balanced diet, eat on time. Never overeat. Exercise every day. Exercise not only affects your body but it also helps your mind. And exercise doesn’t mean hitting the gym only, it can be a walk with friends to watch a movie, swimming, a cricket match or simply gardening. Be active every day.


Read books. They take you to a different world and let you wander there. Thriller, drama, poetry, suspense, romance, biography, travel, cookbook, health, graphic novels – the choice is vast. Pick your favourite. They are the most inexpensive source of entertainment and stress relievers.


Meet real people, not online, and have a conversation. People who are positive and full of energy are the people to hang out with. Listening to their stories and engaging into a conversation with them boosts mental health. Resort to online chats only when meeting friends or family is not possible because of distance or time.


Create something, enjoy your hobby. The joy of creating your own Lego town or painting a wall with flowers is priceless. Let your creative juices flow, it creates magic. The magic, that will lift your spirit.


Volunteer for a cause. Volunteering your time to help someone learn a language, raise funds, create awareness about solutions to social issues and many more such activities take you closer to the community. It is also an opportunity to gain new skills and experience and boost confidence. Volunteering leaves you feeling good and hence improves well-being.

Hope you make the free time between the last day of the exam and the result day a creative and memorable one. Remember, a calm and controlled mind can take better decisions relating to your future career. All the best!



This blog is submitted by Lakshmi Kolnaty, who is a communication professional and a freelance blogger. She has a special interest in education sector. She made a significant contribution in this sector working with schools in India. Currently, she is a School Governor in UK. She loves art, travel, world culture, meeting interesting people, food and nature.