How Do We See 2020 Shaping The Edtech Industry?

An all-new decade is right before us and it lends a fresh ride for the edtech industry. This year in India, the rapid growth of the edtech startup ecosystem is sure to offer a wide spectrum of untapped opportunities. After all, it is a field of massive potential with 10 billion youth graduating every year. 

With Indians spending tens of billions on the education of their child, edtech is one alternative for an affordable, innovative yet quality education. The highs in this domain imply that education is no more limited to the classroom and if it is, the innovation it surrounds simply manifest an ingenious standard of education.

Taking into account the seamless growth, we can expect to see the following new trends in 2020—

1. AI can change the game

With this year, one can expect to see a transition in the way edtech startup functions. AI can boost a better understanding of learning. AI-powered teaching assistants such as chatbots are capable of performing special tasks and functions that empower teachers widely. It can groom students' emotional aspects, freeing up teachers’ time to do the same. Moreover, it could be a head-turner in guiding a skill-based curriculum as needed by educators.

2. Parents investing more

Cost-effective education was the dream of every parent and thankfully edtech set up is efficient to provide just that. As per reports, parents are seen getting accustomed to tech platform in terms of cognitive learning. It is interesting to see this change from the traditional curriculum to a 21st-century education system, enlarging this year.

3. Online/Offline Model

The year promises to unravel the path of easy access to education and making it easily accessible. The online education training has already opened a pool of opportunities for students. That said, instead of a super app that does it all, the offering of curriculums, courses, professional and vocational training would pick a rise. The traditional app that has it all may take a back seat too.  Moreover, offline training models with classroom coaching coupled with several features for easy accessibility is likely to make a major shift in the traditional education system.

4. A pick up on non-professional interests

Gone are the days when education and learning were about grasping the taste of course books. Today, it is for experimenting and following your passion, interests and beyond. This year is no different in chasing the learning programmes that align with personal development. These may not necessarily help in seeking professional growth but for holistic self-development these are winners. Educators shall divert their focus on this segment too to gain prominence and mark their footstep ahead.

5. Infusion of Vernacular Learning

One cannot ignore the fact that the largest chunk of the Indian population cannot speak or understand English. To build a large customer segment, the infusion pf vernacular learning is critical. The rural population comprising of illiterate parents need a solution that fills the gap of providing quality education in their regional language. Schooglink is turning the heads high gripping this segment and lending a comfortable, vernacular learning solution to many underprivileged, rural and urban children. This is a prominent trend that shall enable leads in this industry. 

6. Learning with skilling

This is another trend that has already made a mark and certainly going to witness a steep high in the coming year. Skilling and educating the workforce with a bundle of courses may witness promising results. Today education is not limited to general 12+4+2 arena, rather it has that continual process of refining and learning more. Teachers, professionals are ready to feather their hats with something or the other and courses for such a segment can open mind-numbing outcomes.

With commendable highs, remote learning and seamless resource access, edtech industry has its share of neck to neck competition. But as they say, there is always a silver lining that attracts. For students, businesses and educators, refining your skillset was never rewarding than now!